104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry,

Company H

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Isaac Vaughn
Capt. -  Co. H
Ancestor of Rick Keating

[Photo courtesy of Rick Keating]




Lt. Col. Douglas Hapeman
104th Illinois Vols.

[Illinois State Historical Library]


Charles Ludwig Treudt
Ancestor of Steve Adolphson

A tintype showing Charles shortly after the Civil War. A careful examination of the original shows he is wearing a long “sack” coat (less formal than a frock coat) with tape-bound edges, over what appears to be an everyday work shirt, without tie or cravat.
[Steve Adolphson collection]





Company Officers of the 104th Illinois


James M. Leighton
Capt. -  Co. A

Wounded at Chickamauga
“Efficient, brave, and popular”

George W. Howe
Capt. - Co. B

Distinguished at Hartsville

Moses M. Randolph
Lieut. - Co. B

Mortally wounded at Hartsville



Samuel A. Porter
Lieut. - Co. B

Wounded at Chickamauga
(Arm Amputated)

Samuel M. Heslet
Capt. - Co. C

Wounded at Hartsville

Malcom W. Tewksbury
Capt. - Co. C

“An able officer.”



Thomas Clark
Lieut. - Co. D

Wounded at Peach Tree Creek
“A brave soldier and capable officer... highly regarded by all”



John Samuel Hay Doty
Capt. - Co. E        

Mortally wounded at Peach Tree Creek
“Tell my father that I die for the flag.”

Milton Strawn
Lieut. - Co. E

Mortally wounded at Hartsville



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