104th Illinois Infantry Regiment History


Three Year Service
August 27, 1862 - June 6, 1865

Assigned to:

104th Illinois....fact
"This distinguished regiment is included as one of William F. Fox's (circa 1889) top 300 Union Fighting Regiments." 

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Adjutant General's Regiment History        Frederick Dyer's Regimental History

104th Infantry Field & Staff        Non-Commissioned Staff        Unassigned Recruits

This Regiment did not have a Band or Unassigned/Substitute/Drafted Recruits



Battles/Campaigns Engaged in:

Tullahoma Campaign, Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain/Missionary Ridge

Atlanta Campaign, Buzzard's Roost Gap, Resaca, Kenesaw Mountain

Peachtree Creek, Jonesborough, March to the Sea, Bentonville



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